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Ill-logical Footprints

Ill-logical Footprints are human demands on the Earth's ecosystems that are detrimental to our future. It is described by actions that effect the planet's ecological capacity to recover from injury.

This EP is Bumble's 6th release and one of resistance.
We wish to promote positive defiance and dissent where needed.

So many issues exist at present and we need to be informed - be connected, be active.

All proceeds from this album will be donated to the CSG Free Northern Rivers Collective in their continued fight to secure the Northern Rivers region as a CSG and unconventional gas free zone and for all current licenses and leases that allow such activity to be revoked. For more info - csgfreenorthernrivers.org

For further info about bumble go to bandcamp or my facebook artist page.

The ecological footprint is a measure of human demand on the Earth's ecosystems. It is a standardized measure of demand for natural capital that may be contrasted with the planet's ecological capacity to regenerate.

Ill-logical Footprints - Out now on Additech


Welcome to the amazing botanical world.

Bumble is happy to present his next heavily viscous, warm, wide and sweetly scented second chapter - POLLINATION. Describing the awe that surrounds us and allows our stories to even exist.

Together we will uncover the world of plants and the pollinators, perpetuating life and sexual fantasies of plants across the globe.

Growing from a deep bass humus of funk riff inspired organic matter - Bumble tells this tale with the frequencies of his wings and thanks to the voice Jianai (friend and co- conspirator).

Look out for the upcoming album, released through bandcamp.

USB Drive

Limited edition Bumble Back catalogue bamboo flip usb drive. Pictured in the banner above.

The drive is made for your continued use. Once you have stripped the music/content to your preferred devices – continue to use your new 4GB drive for whatever you like.

Bamboo is among the most abundant plant resources on earth. It is one of nature's most sustainable resources.

Bamboo is not a wood and as a grass, it continuously sends up new shoots after harvesting without the need for replanting. Growing at a fast rate it can be harvested every 4-5 years, as opposed to 25-70 years for commercial tree species.

Bamboo removes CO2 from the atmosphere and produces over 30% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. By growing and using more bamboo, perhaps we can help


Released through Bandcamp on the 15th of April, 2013

Through a biological process of cross-pollination, Bumble has shared his original works with some of the most remarkable artists in the world. Creating dazzling genetically recombination’s - nature really is a beautiful thing.

Featuring the genetic fitness of artists including:

  • Kalya Scintilla
  • Lubdub
  • Griff
  • Daheen
  • Crazy daylight
  • Shifteq
  • Itsu


Since the inception of the bumble project, countless festivals have played host, including Solar Eclipse Festival 2012, Burning man Festival (2010, 2011), Regrowth Festival (2006-Present), Earth Freq Festival (2008-2010). Playing alongside his most favored peers; Tipper, Beats Antique, Spoonbill, Opiuo, Eskmo, Hermitude, Quanta, Kalya Scintilla, Mr Bill, Mouldy Soul, Mr Rogers, Monkey Marc, Lubdub, Jpod & Deadbeat to name a few.

For bookings contact – info@apunga.com.au

Bust & B(l)oom

Bumble’s first album 'Bust & B(l)oom' can be downloaded free from the bandcamp icon above. The album is again a sonically diverse, organic, bass wobbling, funk centered, glitchy, groove exploration. Get in there.